The Truth About Bikes up Guns Down
Youth Support Kansas City

Halloween motor cycle event Kansas City

Bikes up Guns down ride.

This will be the last official ride of 2018. October 27th at 3pm at Swope park at the Meyer BLVD entrance side.

This is a family event full of fun stuff for the entire family to enjoy together. If you do not have a bike it is fine.  You can check out of our bikes as well stunt riding will be done in the designated area getting ready for the ride so bring your camera. The riders love to speak to the children so do not be shy. They are positive in every word spoke to be a great example to you kids. I am very proud to see this kind of commitment in this group of guys. It has moved me.

We will have free food and drink, We may run out, We always will do our best but as some of you know we have had very good turn outs and we do buy this food and drink from our pockets. There is no funding or  sponsorship for Bikes up Guns Down as of today. We have a great support group to help spread the word about gun violence to all the kids that need to here the truth. Motorcycles offer a great ice breaker and tool to get to know these children. If we have to pop wheelies to do that it is gratifying to help. You will not find a better group of guys that understand the rules more. To ride in and witness a group of skilled riders like we have on these rides is second only to the refreshing vision of so many different groups of people in the Kansas City area that come together for a common goal. Ours being understanding of gun violence at the ground level.  Educate our youth , prevent lose of life. We can do that and have a great time meeting new friends. We do take donations, this isn’t for food. Something more serious. The murder victim, and families in support of  the donated proceeds going the Mom’s of Murder Victims. This gives us a start and real action at both ends of the violence scope. This with talking to kids about everything in between this spectrum might break a cycle of violence in this great city that is climbing at an alarming rate. In the biker life and community this just is not acceptable. We will come together in love a solidarity.

What kind of bike you ride, were you are from, what you do for a living, nationality, color, or creed does not matter on October 27th. What does matter is a respect for the rules that will be strictly enforced, specially as the numbers grow everyone need to be mindful of safety and that out front discussed and pointed out. If you like to ride hard, we get it, trust that. But on this day please for our ability to do something right for our community as well a good example to the children watching everything we do as adults. Pay attention to line order speed control. Have a basic understanding of hand signals. If you are coming in a group please identify your experienced top riders in back to watch your group. We will have the tail riders and lead covered, this is the confusion in rides anywhere. We will have stunt riders identified to do what they do. This is not any type of contest.  That would be any other day of the month but this. The rules our really simple. No Guns, leave it at home if that is your thing. We are not gun haters as much as we are the positioning of fire arms to children. This our cause , a child at our event to see people carry their fire arms on them is a bad look, second is stay off sidewalks and out of oncoming traffic. Remember riders will be behind you and following you. Things happen fast sometimes, adrenaline levels you will feel, keep control we are also setting examples to future rides and kids we will help. We ride motor cycles and are all judged. Make it positive, This the third rule of the big three. No bad attitudes will be accepted. We will be handing out stickers, candy, and Halloween fun stuff to young kids. If you are having a bad day or looking for someone for any problems. All I can say is you will be hurting children, the community, very important to understand your biker brothers.  If your the truth to this bike life, you understand this. If you do not just stay away please and respectively this day.

The ride is recorded from a few view angles we use technology to protect us in the event rouge riders pulling in as happen in Florida. There were 12 riders arrested 8 were not even from that state. If this is ever an issue we have people watching and the lead is trained. The simplest fix will be to just stop at any dangerous circumstance. We hate to even talk about this stuff but is everyone’s responsibility to watch each others back on the road. Now that is the old school biker values we need to grow.

There will be horse rides, Face painting, and a bounce house for the kids to enjoy. Come out, eat, have a great time. Help us create the best environment around us all that we share. That is key, Share.

event address is 3801 Mall Dr, Kansas City Mo. 64132 Meyer side entrance to Swope Park. 3pm

Donations will be excepted as well greatly appreciated to this mission we are on. Never our goal, but understanding as we grow more to help in just ability to achieve a goal comes funding,

So spread the word,

Get the hand signals down, that might save your life at best road rash .

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